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Coffee Is Going Extinct, This Is What You Need To Know

Coffee Is Going Extinct, This Is What You Need To Know

What is your favorite coffee? For most people around the world, they love a good cup of coffee and it’s not just a morning pleaser either. People consume a lot of coffee throughout their lifetimes and it’s certainly something which more are getting accustomed to also. However, there is talk that coffee is going extinct! Really, you did read that right. There are rumors within a few years there will be no more coffee. Is that true? Read on to find out a little more about the subject.

The Coffee Plant

Coffee comes from the Arabica plant but surprisingly researchers are now saying that within the upcoming century it will soon disappear from coffee farms. OK, so the next century might sound a bit far away but it’s very much a possibility. The problem is that the coffee plant is really quite delicate and that over the last few decades there has been a slight decline in the plant’s growth and development. What is more, climate change and global warming has lead to some negative effects for the coffee plant with fewer locations being able to house the plant.

Is There Anything To Worry About?

You all might say it’s a bit of an exaggeration to talk to extinction when there is still very much lots of coffee plants grown each and every year but it’s not. Remember, global warming changes the planet in many ways and makes it tougher for plants to grow where they should be. It is also thought that within the upcoming years, almost sixty percent, if not more, coffee plant growth will decline. Will you still be able to enjoy your favorite coffee then? Probably not and that is something to be concerned with. There are real concerns here and it’s time something was done about it. Bookmark your coffee.

High Costs

In all honesty, the price for coffee currently is expensive! You might think that’s a bit over the top but it’s not. Coffee hasn’t cost this much in years and the costs are getting higher for the fact that the coffee production and harvest has not been at its best. That is down to changing weather and a changing climate. You might not want to hear about that but it’s something that you should be concerned with in order to take positive steps to change things in the future. Yes, prices do change but the costs are rising every day it seems and it’s getting to a point where very few are willing to part with their cash for coffee.

Time for Change

Whether you believe in global warming or otherwise, you can clearly see there are changes to the planet and how many strange weather incidents there have been. These things are affecting life in many forms and are causing coffee plants to become rarer at times. You might not think that’s the case but coffee costs far more than it ever did and with news of poorer harvesting, it’s a real cause for concern. It’s time you thought about making a change and keeping your favorite coffee or favorit tea safe: https://www.favoritcoffee.com/product-category/tea/.

  • PastUtopia#1

    March 22, 2018 Reply

    2. Definitely 2. I often wonder if they”ve gone out of style and come back in style and I just missed it. I got some “Bourbon barrel aged coffee from Trader Joe”s. It”s like drinking Irish coffee first thing in the morning. Weird. I think it would be nice with some butterscotch syrup and half and half as a dessert coffee, but I generally drink my coffee black, so it”s like someone dumped their shot of bourbon in my coffee.

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